Coronavirus measures updates (5 February)

05 Feb 2020 / Australia

The Australian Border Force has advised that the 14-day quarantine period for vessels that has left mainland China on or after 1 February 2020 commences from the date of departure from China, and NOT from arrival in Australia (unless there are crew with symptoms).

Other updates from individual ports include:

The Health Declaration form must be completed and sent to the Port of Portland office by all vessels prior to the pilot boarding the vessel.

Rio Tinto requests all vessels to send through a copy of Bio Security Document and Customs forms 13 and 3B, or last vessels port visited and crew nationalities.

BHP have amended the pilot pre-arrival form with added questions about if the ship had been to china and all crew are healthy. They have also created a Letter to Master Coronavirus & BHP Crew List Health Final. Vessels are to complete these forms including the crew health check 1 day before the vessels arrives at anchorage.
ABF Port Hedland have advised that vessel that arriving from last port China can still enter the anchorage at Port Hedland to wait for the 14 day quarantine period.
Qube have advised that all vessels out of China are directed to have documentation completed on the berth the vessel is working instead of ships office, thus reducing exposure to people and surfaces.

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