Coronavirus Interim Port Protocol

28 Feb 2020 / Gibraltar

The Gibraltar Health Authority has issued a Coronavirus Interim Port Protocol, and as a precautionary measure, the protocol prohibits the disembarkation of any person who has visited any of the coronavirus affected countries within the preceding 15 days.

The protocol states the following:

  • Remote pilotage requirements will be applied to the vessel.
  • No crew members will be allowed to disembark the vessel during its call at Gibraltar.
  • With respect to ongoing operations shore personnel embarking / attending the vessel will not be allowed then to disembark.
  • Shore personnel are to minimise all interaction with the crew as much as practically possible.
  • The GPA reserves the right to further scrutinise any incoming vessel if it deems necessary in the interest of public health. When you mention cargo ops. If vessel will be taking bunkers no crew from the other vessel can visit the bunker barge nor vice versa if the vessel has special conditions. If vessel where to call alongside this will need to be referred to public health.

For information about operations in Gibraltar, contact GAC Gibraltar at [email protected]

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