Coronavirus guidelines

02 Mar 2020 / Jordan

Further to the guidelines of 26 February 2020, the Jordan Maritime Commission has confirmed the following:

  1. It is necessary for all people whose work environment requires them to embark the international vessels, to wear health protection clothing to prevent the spread of the virus, such as gags, gloves, goggles and other related necessary health protection clothing, as well as keep enough distance when dealing with vessels’ crew members.
  2. All vessels’ crew are required to comply with the above.
  3. Cruise vessels must comply with all the guidelines mentioned in the document issued by the Ministry of Interior, document no 10/11/C/41858 on 25/02/2020, on preventing foreigners from entering Jordanian territories.
  4. The disposal of garbage by vessels coming from countries where the virus is rife is not allowed.
  5. In case of an accident during work or other medical cases that are not related to the coronavirus, coordinate with Aqaba health directorate to deal with these situations.

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