Coronavirus guidelines

26 Feb 2020 / Jordan

The below guidelines have been issued for ships calling at Jordanian ports:

  • Vessels calling at Aqaba must provide the Jordan Maritime Commission with their schedule for the last 30 days before arrival.
  • A copy of the vessel’s last ten ports of call should be provided for the vessels arriving in Jordan Territorial Waters, specifying if any of the ports have registered cases of coronavirus.
  • Date and time of the vessel’s last Chinese port of call must be specified.
  • The Jordan Maritime Commission must be informed us of any injuries/incidents which occurred at the same period of Coronavirus disease, specifying at which port and what procedures were taken to evacuate the patient.
  • Check with the master of the vessel for any current or potential cases presented on board.
  • For vessels entering Jordan Territorial Waters, the master must provide a medical report
  • which states that the vessel is free from viruses. The Commission must be Informed of any related disease that has existed onboard, and the procedures taken afterwards.
  • A designated area must be prepared with all the medical requirements to enhance patients' immunity.
  • The pratique community is provided with special protective equipment and manual
  • thermal detector to be used as needed.
  • When informing relevant parties regarding permission for crew disembarkation, a photo of crew names and nationalities must be provided. If there has been a crew change during the voyage, the date, time and reason for the change must be declared 48 hours before arrival to Aqaba port, in order to contact Health Directorate Liaison Officers and related authorities to take precautionary and preventive measures.
  • Check that all crew members are present on the vessel with no isolated cases and that no crew member suspected of having the virus disembarked the vessel at any of the previous ports.
  • Workers who interact directly with vessel’s crew to wear general safety & hygiene clothes, such as masks and gloves as well as using hand sanitizers.
  • Vessels' masters to note that crew must wearing health protection clothing and equipment, and use hand sanitizers at the vessel’s entrance - especially for vessels arriving from China - to prevent the transmission of the virus.
  • A physical examination is required on the treatment room and the existing medicationq

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