Coronavirus Epidemiological Alert: free pratique requirements for cruise vessels

21 Feb 2020 / Argentina

In relation to the Epidemiological Alert on circulating “Coronavirus 2019-nCoV”, the National Department of Borders and Transport Terminals has required that, in order to have more information on the health status of crew members and passengers of vessels, it must be sent by the Distance Procedures System (TAD) when requesting the Free Pratique, photocopies of the last 48 hs. of the Medical Book on board.

The Health Authority has advised that in case of suspicion of infectious disease similar to the symptoms of Coronavirus 2019-nCoV in crew members or passengers of international navigation vessels arriving at the points of entry, this news should be immediately notified to the National Department of Borders and Transport Terminals. Once the consultations for these particular cases have been carried out, Health Agents shall give the respective instructions to proceed, preventatively isolating the patient in a cabin of the vessel or hotel room, accordingly. Initially, the patient shall be evaluated by a health committee from the Health Authority and moved to the place of isolation.

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Source: Free translation of Centro de Navigacion Argentina Report No.013

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