Coronavirus – port remains operational

10 Apr 2020 / Duqm, Oman

In continuation of the Oman government’s efforts as well as their announcements towards the special measures to limit the spread of Covid-19, the Port of Duqm equally reciprocates to the implementation of the mandatory precautions. Simultaneously, while understanding the importance of the port operations, PODC is assuring all that the port of Duqm is and shall remain fully operational as usual.

In addition, PODC is working actively to prevent further spread of the coronavirus with the various measures:

  • Constantly monitoring and following the advices of the Supreme Committee issued by Royal Orders to study the scopes for a mechanism to handle developments resulting from coronavirus (COVID-19) as well as the WHO.

  • Always, all incoming ships must submit a Maritime Declaration of Health (MDH) 24 hours before calling at port, in which the ship’s master must declare whether there is any illness or suspected illness on board, together with a list of the last ten ports called at. Saniport screens this for the ship.

  • All events of the Port of Duqm that are not strictly necessary have been cancelled, and visitors are admitted to critical work locations in the port only where essential.

The health and welfare of all employees in the Port of Duqm remains a top priority, and PODC is committed to deliver everything necessary to guarantee a safe and healthy work environment, Furthermore, PODC is re-organizing itself so that some employees will work from home and can avoid their physical meetings which can be replaced by the digital tools without hampering deliverable…

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Source: Port of Duqm update

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