Control the landing of foreign crew members

19 Oct 2020 / Shanghai, China

If a ship needs to stay at Shanghai Shipyard for an extended period for repairs, and the vessel has already stayed in Shanghai for more than 14 days, landing formalities may be carried out to allow crew ashore for temporary rest.

This is subject to approval from the Leading Group for Situation Control and Prevention, and on condition that customs inspection finds the ship in normal condition and nucleic acid test results of crew are negative.

Immigration formalities may be conducted for crew members from Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Poland, or foreign crew members holding exit and entry documents within the scope of the mutual visa exemption agreement with China, if the vessel departed last foreign port more than 14 days previously, and no crew changes were carried out within 14 days before arrival. This is subject to approval, there being no abnormal condition in customs quarantine, and nucleic acid test results being negative.

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