Coal terminal COVID-19 risk management requirements

30 Jul 2021 / Port Kembla, Australia

Port Kembla Coal Terminal (PKCT) has advised that any persons resident in 8 restricted local government areas in Sydney (Fairfield, Canterbury-Bankstown, Georges River, Liverpool, Campbelltown, Cumberland, Parramatta and Blacktown) will be excluded from the terminal.

Further, any workers who have entered the above areas in the last 7 days are to be treated as casual contacts, and therefore will not be allowed to enter the PKCT site until they have been tested and presented with a negative test result. PKCT is to be informed of the negative test result prior to site attendance and evidence provided upon request.

Service provider workers are to comply with your Covid-19 Safe Plan and any PKCT requirements for managing hygiene and interactions with PKCT facilities and workforce and other workers.

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