Change of bulk vessel operations from Berth No.09 to NCB-II

08 May 2024 / Tuticorin

The VOC Port Authority for Tuticorin port have issued a notice indicating revised parameters for the berthing of vessels at NCB II as per below.

Quay length (in mtrs): 306

Permissable LOA (in mtrs): 260

Permissible draught (in mtrs): 14 (such vessels to be handled during daylight hours and utilising a tide of at least 0.65 mtrs, in rising tide)

DWT (in mt): 80,000

All vessels with more than 11.5m draught shall be handled / lightered only at NCB II using HMC and Hoppers w.e.f 12 May 2024.

No Bulk vessels will be handled at Berth No. 9 by the port with effect from 15 May 2024.

For further details and information about operations in India contact GAC India at [email protected].

Source: VOC Port Authority / No. TRA-BERT/1/2024-Traffic (C.No.5378)D

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