Border control and quarantine measures

06 Mar 2020 / Bahamas

The Government of The Bahamas has decided to implement border control and quarantine measures for persons coming from those countries [affected most by the COVID-19 virus].

Effective immediately any non-resident who has visited South Korea, Iran or Italy in the last 20 days will be denied entry to The Bahamas. These countries will be added to China, for which we implemented such measures on January 30, 2020.

Bahamian citizens and residents returning from all 4 jurisdictions will now be subjected to quarantine measures for a maximum of 14 days. Non-residents currently en route to The Bahamas from these jurisdictions will be subjected to the same protocol for returning citizens and residents.

While there remains no reported or conformed cases of COVID-19 in The Bahamas at this time, the Government of The Bahamas is taking extra precaution to protect the safety and health of our residents and visitors.

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Source: Extract from The Bahamas Government press release dated 5 March 2020

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