Berthing of Cape vessels

20 Apr 2022 / Paradip, India

There was a recent incident while handling a loaded Cape vessel in the port. It was found out that the maneuvering full ahead speed of the vessel was 10.5kts and not achieving enough speed for steering due to rough weather and swell conditions, which is very much prominent in comparison to loaded Panamax vessels.

In view of the rough sea and swell conditions at Paradip, Cape vessels with full ahead maneuvering at speed less than 11.3kts will not be allowed at Paradip Port from 1 April to 31 October.

During 1 November to 31 March, the above speed limit will be 10.5kts. However, berthing and sailing of loaded Cape vessels will be during daytime only in favorable weather conditions.

Hence all concerns are advised to submit the pilot card of Cape vessels for acceptance of vessels at Paradip Port. The data provided on the pilot card will be verified by the pilots before berthing of the vessel. Vessel will be denied berthing and will be debarred permanently to enter Paradip Port if any manipulation of the data mentioned in the pilot card is observed.

All Cape vessels in Ballast must maintain mean draft of at least 9.0m during April to October. During November to March, reduction of up to 0.5m in mean draft is permissible.

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Source: Paradip Port Authority Marine Department Circular dated 18 April 2022

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