Berthing & port restrictions during Covid-19 emergency

03 Apr 2020 / Indonesia

Foreign-flagged cruise ships are not allowed to berth in all Indonesian Ports. Those that are given permission to disembark crew, bunkers, fresh water and provision supplies are allowed to carry out those activities at the anchorage area assigned as determined shelter according to validity of the Entry Permit. Once completed, the ship must leave the anchorage area and sail.

Crew changes in Indonesia are permitted for Indonesian crews (WNI) only after implemented the Health Protocol of Covid-19 Handling.

Foreign crews may not go ashore during ship’s activities in the port area.

Foreign crew changes are not allowed in Indonesian Ports, but during the outbreak of Covid-19 can be done at the specified anchorage area.

If a medical/health emergency occurs for foreign crews when the ship in the port area, they could be taken ashore once permission is granted by the Covid-19 Task Force in each area after implementing the Health Protocol of Covid-19 Handling.

During the Covid-19 outbreak, foreign vessels (cargo ships, passenger ships and cruise ships) that apply for permission to disembark crews, bunker, fresh water and provision supplies will be provided shelter for ship-to-ship (STS) and lay-up at the designated area, i.e. Nipah Island, Tanjung Balai Karimun and Galang Island by fulfilling the terms and requirements of arrival the foreign ship in accordance with laws and regulations.

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