Ban on night movements

12 Oct 2020 / Oman

In view of the increase in the number of people infected with COVID-19 and to limit its spread, the Government of Oman has imposed a ban on night movements in the country yesterday (11 October) until 24 October.

Further, all movements and gathering have been restricted from 20:00 to 05:00 hours during period of the ban, and police patrols are intensified.

Crew changes and the embarkation/disembarkation of security advisors, technical personnel, superintendents, etc at all ports in Oman remain suspended until further notice.

Disembarkation of crew only under medical grounds/medical evacuation can be arranged for which permits/prior approvals from the concerned authorities must be obtained on a case by case basis after submission of required details/history/condition of crew.

All incoming vessels have to follow/adhere to Ministry of Health/Ministry of Transport/respective Port authority guidelines.

Immigration authorities have not yet resumed accepting/processing of visa applications.

Supply of provisions/stores/spares etc. can be arranged which is subject to prior approval from the concerned authorities.

International air traffic in Oman resumed on 1 October. All persons travelling to Oman through airport and/or land borders will have to undergo COVID-19 PCR test and will have to pay OMR 25/- per pax/per test.

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