Bagging of bulk cargo in port halted

22 Apr 2020 / Mombasa, Kenya

The Corona virus epidemic has affected nations, territories, organisations and institutions and the Port of Mombasa has not been spared. Following the Government directives and measures issued to curb the spread of the virus, the Authority has opted to temporarily stop bagging of bulk cargo at the quayside.

The decision has been reached after observing the following, which expose port users to possible spread of COVID-19:
i. The numbers involved are high both at the bagging plant equipment and those loading onto the trucks from the conveyor belt
ii. Social distancing is difficult to maintain during this operation.

The new mode will entail discharging bulk cargo directly onto the trucks for bagging to be done outside the port area during this period. This will go a long way in reducing the port human traffic and thus control the chances of the spread of the virus.

Arising from this and in compliance with the Government guidelines, the Authority will temporarily suspend bagging services at the quayside any arriving ship from 24 April 2020. Receivers of cargo through their agents will be required to seek alternative facilities outside the port for bagging services until further notice.

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Source: Kenya Ports Authority letter dated 21 April 2020

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