Amended measures at port

04 May 2020 / Sohar, Oman

Following the latest COVID-19 virus developments and Maritime Circular 07/2020 from the Ministry of Transport, measures implemented by the Harbour Master of Sohar Port are slightly adjusted as per today [4 May 2020].

The latest set of measures are as follows:

  • All ships and their agents are obliged to submit the IMO Declaration of Health to the Harbour Master using the format as presented in Maritime Circular 07/2020.

  • The crew list shall include the date and place that each crew joined the ship and countries they came from before joining the ship.

  • The earlier used ‘Corona virus questionnaire’ as shared in Notification 25 is not used anymore.

  • The Declaration of Health need to be uploaded in the Port Management System 12 hours before arrival by the ship’s agent for approval of the vessel call by the Harbour Master.

  • In case of a sick person on board, the vessel will not be allowed to enter the port and the patient involved will be screened by a Port Health team at anchorage. This team is available in Sohar.

  • In case of recently arrived crew on board the ship (within the last 16 days), the Harbour Master will decide, based upon the submitted facts, whether pilot boarding and port entry is allowed.

  • The master of the ship is obliged to implement the general and the additional precautionary measures as stipulated in Maritime Circular 07/2020 under section A & D.

  • In principle, no disembarkation of ship’s crew is allowed during the ship’s call at Sohar Port, including the anchorage.

  • In case of crew change for emergency or special circumstances, pre-approval is needed from the Harbour Master, Immigration and Port health in line with the requirements as stipulated in Maritime Circular 07/2020 under section E. For Harbour Master approval, this request must be sent to the Port Control email address as mentioned hereunder. Approval is given by email.

  • Any concerned staff interacting with the ship’s crew should follow up on the official advice from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Transport on personal protection.

  • Port Control should be contacted in case of any suspicious situation regarding the Corona virus in the port area or on board a ship.

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Source: Sohar Port / Free Zone Notification dated 4 May 2020

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