Airports closed to international flights

20 Mar 2020 / Guyana

Both of Guyana’s International Airports have been closed to incoming international flights for two weeks starting from 18 March. Cargo flights and any technical or medivac flights continue to operate. Domestic flights are also continuing as normal.

For vessels calling at the country’s port, the following documents must be submitted prior to arrival:
- Crew list with nationality
- Last port of call
- Crew shore leave in last 21 days

Further, the Port Health Officer requests signed health declarations from all crew to be submitted along with Maritime Declaration of Health from Master before they allow any boarding for inwards clearance.

Crew with recent travel history in Hubei, Wuhan or with PRC passports will not be allowed to enter.

For further details and updates, as well as information about operations in Guyana, contact GAC Guyana at [email protected]

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