Additional weekend lockdowns announced

29 Jul 2020 / Bahamas

With the rise in cases of COVID-19 in the Bahamas, and after consultation with local health officials and a review of the response of other jurisdictions due to the current global rise in cases, the Government has decided to implement two additional weekend lockdowns.

The lockdown this coming weekend begins at 7pm on Friday 31 July and will last until 5am on Tuesday 4 August, for all islands of The Bahamas, excluding Grand Bahama, where a complete lockdown is currently in force.

These measures are being implemented to protect the lives and health of Bahamians and residents. The Government will undertake a careful review of the health data after these two lockdown periods.

The port of Freeport, Grand Bahama remains open for business, i.e., Buckeye, Bahama Rock, Freeport Container Port (FCP), Offshore bunkering, Offshore Lightering.

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Source: Elnet Maritime – GAC agent

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