Additional measures to strengthen response to COVID-19

18 Mar 2020 / Namibia

Namibia has declared a State of Emergency and announced additional measures to curtail the spread of the COVID-19.

These measures include:

Suspension of the issuance of visa on arrival at the Hosea Kutako International Airport and implementation travel ban of foreign nationals (by air and sea) from affected countries (Schengen States, China, Iran, Korea, United Kingdom, United States of America and Japan).

Temporary travel suspension for 30 days for Namibians or Permanent Residents functionaries except for special cases with prior authorization with Ministry of Health and Social Services and Home Affairs and Immigration. Exceptional cases will include, persons seeking medical treatment, essential services like humanitarian assistance, truck drivers bringing food and other essential commodities, Namibians returning among others. Compulsory screening will be conducted for verification and quarantine imposed were necessary.

All leisure, business and social travel is suspended.

All international scheduled flights, private chartered flights to only land at Hosea Kutako International and Walvis Bay International Airports.

All scheduled passenger flights, including private chartered flights to and from countries where there is active local transmission are temporarily suspended for 30 days. This suspension is exclusive of cargo and emergency flights to and from Namibia.

Mandatory screening for COVID-19 to be conducted at all Points of Entry in the country. Thermo guns to be placed at all checkpoints and roadblocks for screening inland travelers.

Returning Namibians and permanent residents arriving from countries at high risk or from affected other countries will be subject to supervised self-quarantine from 14 days (self-quarantine for mild/asymptomatic persons).

South African Borders, including Air Travel to remain open to serve as points of entry for Namibians returning home and exit point for visitors from Namibia, and to facilitate trade between the two countries.

Large public gatherings, schools, religious gatherings, weddings, parades, etc. suspended. Trade fairs, sports, events, and demonstrations postponed.

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