Additional COVID-19 pandemic mitigation measures

01 Apr 2020 / Namibia

Any foreign vessel intending to berth at [Namibian] ports will be required to first self-quarantine at a suitable anchorage within port limits for at least 14 days, calculated as the duration from the last port of call or the last crew interaction with another vessel/rig at sea, to the date of arrival at our ports, whichever duration is the longest.Upon completion of this mandatory quarantine period, the vessel must then be medically screened (again) and cleared by all the relevant authorities including Namport, before a pilot will board.

Namport will indeed and grant exemptions to this restriction, should such exemptions be in the best interests of the Republic of Namibia and in the case of certain emergencies on board…

…even in the case where an exemption is granted, we will not compromise on health screening and other mitigation measures and will conduct the necessary risk assessments and deploy additional measures where needed.

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Source: Namibian Ports Authority External Memorandum dated 26 March 2020

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