Additional COVID-19 measures

25 Mar 2020 / Maputo & Matola, Mozambique

The following additional measures will be effective immediately:

1.1. It is important that all vessel Masters make accurate declarations of health and wellbeing of the crew, and if in doubt, consult with a medical practitioner to be arranged by the vessel agent. Masters unable to communicate in English stand the risk of not receiving services until a translator is arranged by the vessel agent. Any false declaration will be viewed in a serious light and reported to the MPDC Port Authority and Mozambican Health and Sanitary Officials for further action.

1.2. Masters of all vessels are required to display the “Q” Flag if all onboard are healthy and Free Pratique has not been granted by Port Health – means the master declares that all crew & personnel onboard are healthy and he/she requests Free Pratique.

1.3. The Q Flag is to remain raised on the main mast until the vessel has been cleared by Port Health and Free Pratique has been granted.

1.4. Duty Pilots are to make use of issued personal protective equipment (PPE), protective facial masks, gloves and long sleeve shirt when boarding any vessel to protect themselves, even if the master has declared all onboard are healthy. The disposable PPE is to remove after every vessel and placed in a sealed plastic bag. The Pilot transport vehicle and the pilot boat will be provided with designated hazardous waste containers.

1.5. All waste removal from Off Port Limit vessels and vessels at anchorages are to cease immediately until advised otherwise. Collection of Grey Waters, Sludge, etc., are included in the restriction

1.6. Galley waste will no longer be accepted at any ports and are to be incinerated on board the vessel.

1.7. No waste including galley waste will be disposed off in Maputo and Matola Ports and in all Port Marine Jurisdiction Area.

1.8. Off Port limit activities involve private operators, who are more commercially inclined with limited control by the authorities – this creates a risk to the country. It is therefore essential for all Off Port Limit activities involving foreign vessels and crews to be suspended until further notice.

Considering the cancelation of flights from other countries to Mozambique, with transit time under 14 days and the transit through other airports, it is not practical to quarantine all people arriving into Maputo and Matola Ports. It is therefore essential to restrict and suspend any specialists visiting from foreign countries until further notice.

1.9. Permission from Port Health and the Harbour Master’s Office is required prior to any interaction with vessels (i.e. vessels with any person having any illness). This also applies to bunker barges/ships and small vessels.

1.10. Shore leave for Crews which vessels are alongside of any quay of Maputo and Matola Ports are not allowed. Visitors to vessels restricted to essential personnel only. Cancelled the emission of Shore Passes to Crew Members.

1.11. Limited interaction between bunker operator and vessels permitted. Crew to ensure gloves are provided and used when handling mooring lines & all preventative precautions are upheld – no crew changes permitted for bunker barges or vessel taking fuel from foreign countries.

1.12. No Crew changes will be permitted for any Off-Port Limit calls including vessels at anchorage.

1.13. Vessel´s passengers and crew transfers will not be permitted in Maputo and Matola Ports and in all Port Maputo Marine Jurisdiction Area.

1.14. All Sea Cruises undertaken by Cruise Liner Vessels into and out of MPDC Port Marine Jurisdiction Area are terminated until further notice.

1.15. Applications for In and Off Port Limits for services to be render to vessels and on board vessels will be thoroughly assessed before Permission is Granted by the Harbour Master.

1.16. The above will not be applied to MEDVACS for medical emergencies, provided that all necessary MPDC Port Protocol and Port Sanitary and Health Authorities are adhered to.

1.17. All Vessels that have undertaken and international voyage, must apply for “Free Pratique” to Port Sanitary and Health Authorities, 24 to 48 hours prior to arriving the Limits of Port Maputo Marine Jurisdiction Area. Port Sanitary and Health Authorities and MPDC Port Authority/Harbour Master´s Office, must be kept updated on any changes to the health status on board the vessel, whilst in Anchorage or while alongside the berth.

1.18. Vessel access to indeterminate number of Ship Chandling Staff boarding the vessels to carry out their activities will not be permitted. Ship Chandlers requested to attend vessels to deliver their services, will only be authorized to have maximum two representative Staff members.

1.19. It´s not permitted the indiscriminate number of visits of Ship Chandling Agencies to deliver their services on board the vessels. Vessel Agencies, Ship Chandlers and Masters are request to coordinate in order to grant the necessary assistance with the minimum number of onboard calls.

1.20. It is not permitted to render any type of souvenirs such as cigarettes, cigars, soft drinks, food, spirits or whatsoever to Duty Pilots, Agency Staff, and Authorities and so on.

(For information about operations in Mozambique, contact the GAC Dubai Hub Agency Centre at [email protected])

Source: Maputo Harbour Master notice dated 23 March 2020

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