Acceptance of Cape and other vessels at Sagar anchorage

11 Aug 2022 / Kolkata

Maximum LOA of the vessel acceptable at Sagar Anchorage has been increased from 299m to 305m with maximum tidal range of 4.8m. This tidal range will be applicable for LOA from 260m to 305m. However the vessel will be allowed to complete her cargo work even if the tidal range exceeds 4.8m during her stay at Sagar.

Tug assistance for anchoring Cape Vessel at Sagar will be necessary for vessels having LOA 260m and above.

Maximum LOA of the vessel at No. 4 Sagar anchorage has been increased from 190m to 230m and the restriction in the draft has been withdrawn. Vessel with days draft for Sagar will be acceptable. However, no IB vessel will be called at No.4 Anchorage during the hours of darkness.

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