13 September 2017
Houston/Galveston, United States

Post-Harvey port status update (13 September)

Galveston Bay Entrance Channel, Outer Bar Channel, Inner Bar Channel and Bolivar Roads Channel are all open 24/7, as are Galveston Harbor and Texas City. Bolivar Roads Anchorages are open 24/7 for short duration use for bunkering, inspections and other husbandry.

The Houston Ship Channel is open 24/7 with draft and other restrictions:
- Entrance Channel to Baytown Highlines - maximum 42';
- Baytown Highlines to Shell - maximum 41';
- Shell to Houston Cement West - maximum 40';
- Houston Cement West to Sidney Sherman Bridge - maximum 36'

The Houston Ship Channel above the Sidney Sherman Bridge is open daylight only to one-way traffic for all vessels as limited by 90' beam/33' draft with prior coordination between Houston Pilots Association and VTS Houston/Galveston, and 24/7 for single tows as coordinated with VTS and the diving supervisor on SW Shipyard drydock salvage project.

A contract is in place for the recovery of ten objects in the Houston Ship Channel. The first priority is the one located across the Channel from Enterprise Terminal and the second priority is the one by ExxonMobil and Bosco. The debris removal team will not be in the area until this weekend at the earliest. There are a few obstructions in the Buffalo Bayou Turning Basin for which the pilots have determined a plan. The Intracoastal Waterway Open 24/7 High Island to but not through the Colorado River locks.

The Port of Freeport is open 24/7 to maximum 38' draft.

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