9 November 2017
Delaware River, United States

Marcus Hook Anchorage dredging update

The Captain of the Port, Delaware Bay, is notifying mariners of an update to the current restrictions in Anchorage No. 7, Marcus Hook Anchorage.

The week of November 6 - 11, Norfolk dredging will be installing a pipeline to facilitate dredging from approximately 39 deg. 48’03.81”N, 075 deg. 24’24.80”W extending to 39 deg. 48’41.65”N, 075 deg. 24’01.44”W. This pipeline will be marked with lighted buoys at 300’ intervals, and vessels are directed not to pass over the submerged pipeline. This pipeline is expected to remain in place for at least one month, and the following restrictions shall remain in place for the duration of the pipeline placement:

  • Small Tug and Barge units will be permitted within the portion of the anchorage upriver from the pipeline on a case by case basis, with advance USCG permission.
  • Currently there is a safety zone in place which permits two vessels at a time in Marcus Hook Anchorage on a "first-come, first-served" basis. These two vessels will be allowed to anchor in the southern portion of the anchorage, or that portion of the anchorage downriver from the submerged pipeline.
  • Normally, this is a 48 hour anchorage; however, vessels will not be permitted to occupy the anchorage beyond 12 hours during this time. Vessels that require an examination by the Public Health Service, Customs, or Immigration authorities will be directed to an anchorage for the required inspection by the COTP.
  • Vessels seeking to anchor at Marcus Hook Anchorage must obtain permission from the Captain of the Port at least 24 hours in advance, at (215)271-4807.

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Source: U.S. Coast Guard, Sector Delaware Bay, Marine Safety Information Bulletin 37-17 dated 8 November 2017

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