6 October 2017

Logistics platform launched to streamline maritime processes

The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) and the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP), launched an integrated platform that will streamline national maritime processes for vessels arriving to Panama beginning September 24, 2017. This system will reduce costs, optimize itineraries, and improve transparency and productivity, while providing substantial time savings to maritime customers taking advantage of Panama's logistics offers.

Panama's Maritime Single Window (VUMPA) is an online platform that will simplify and reduce the paperwork procedures required for international vessels arriving and departing Panama, as well as activities performed while at Panamanian terminals. Previously, vessels were required to complete a number of documents, such as registration forms and customs documents, for various entities, including ACP, AMP, Panama's Customs Authority and Panama Immigration Services, among others. However, through VUMPA, shippers will now be able to input all required information through one simple digital system, eliminating duplicate forms and automating information sharing between Panamanian institutions involved in the logistics industry….

…The new system is the product of months of collaboration between the ACP and AMP, with support from national maritime entities…

…To date, the use of VUMPA has been approved for ships transiting the Panama Canal and calling on PSA Panama International Terminal, PATSA Petroamerica Terminal, and the Hutchison Ports at Cristóbal and Balboa, which account for 80 percent of international traffic at Panamanian ports. The platform will be integrated into the remaining Panamanian ports in the coming months.

The platform is available at

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Source: Extract from Panama Cabal Authority Monthly Canal Operations Summary – September 2017 dated 4 October 2017

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