Tug & Barge Operations

Versatile and proven tug and barge operations

Tugs and barges are the workhorses of the offshore and marine world. They transport all types of cargo, often to remote areas with little infrastructure.

Tow tugs are well suited for a variety of tasks ranging from general towage and barge handling in support of dredging operations to serving as monitoring or guard vessels.

GAC Sri Lanka’s fleet of tugs can undertake complex operations in accordance with the highest international standards. We can assist with towing, emergency services such as salvage and rescue and firefighting operations within the territorial waters of Sri Lanka, as well as bulk freshwater and lube deliveries.

Barges are equally versatile and can be utilised for heavy lift Ro-Ro operations. Barge transportation can be also be used to carry materials for offshore construction, as well as for lighterage and general cargo.

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