Marine Leisure: Smooth yacht transport and sailing with GAC

At ports and marinas around the world, yachts and superyachts have very specific needs. GAC combines our Group’s global reach and expertise with the in-depth knowledge of the yachting world to meet that need for marine leisure, sport and event support.

Your go-to-specialist because we’re sailors too

It’s a winning combination that has made GAC the first port of call for many in the marine sport and leisure community seeking integrated specialist services. Working with GAC companies worldwide, GAC Pindar has been delivering efficient and value-for-money logistics services tailored to the needs of the marine sport, leisure and events community since 2011.

We bring a profound understanding of boats and yachts with a team of passionate and knowledgeable sailors. We know that you want access to the best shipping rates, whilst at the same time needing a logistics provider which speaks your language and understands your priorities. GAC is that go-to-specialist for marine sport, leisure and events.

Flexible suite of services

Our unique combination of shipping and logistics expertise enables us to offer an unmatched range of services worldwide customisable to your needs, such as:

GAC has been entrusted with the complex logistics related to some of the world’s biggest sailing events, such as the Extreme Sailing Series, the World Match Racing Tour and the M32 Series. GAC Pindar is the Official Logistics Provider for The Ocean Race (the only provider in the race’s history to be appointed three times) and World Sailing - the governing body for sailing.

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