Green Scarf Ceremony marks new term at GAC Hope School

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    10 September 2012



China – Seven-year-old Li Jiaxin presents GAC China’s Managing Director Claus Schensema with his green scarf, marking his status as an honorary student of the GAC Hope School’s opening day and flag-raising day last week. He and other GAC staff attended as part of their continuing support for the school, in their capacity as ‘big brothers and sisters’ to the pupils at the school which provides a high standard of primary education for the children of migrant workers.

The ‘Lui Ling Jin’ (Green Scarf) ceremony marks the start of the school term for Grades 1 and 2 students, with the scarves youngsters wear designating them as ‘green shoots’.

Claus says: “Being with the kids makes us feel young again. We’re once again happy to share this important milestone with first and second graders, and to contribute to their formative years. I’m confident that, with a proper education, they will grow up to be leaders in their own fields.”

The GAC Hope School was formed in 2009 when GAC Shanghai joined forces with the local Longnan Primary School to provide a basic education for children from rural areas whose parents work in the city. Under the scheme, GAC provides material support for the school, and the staff regularly interact with the children through special days devoted to games, environmental education and hygiene.