GACtrack upgrade for ship agency customers

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    15 January 2016



Dubai – A new add-on to GAC’s GACtrack portal is giving more job transparency and greater job control to ship agency customers. As well as being able to view job information from multiple offices on one screen, customers can:

  • check costs and export service information
  • view (and query if necessary) vessel line-up information
  • see updates on job status, including estimated timings of arrivals, departures and services to be provided
  • advise changes to services where required.

Details can be viewed by clicking the ‘Jobs’ screen, which contains information about the supplier, the person who requested the service and a remarks section.

Services provided are listed with estimated and actual costs, in real time, ensuring no surprises when the final bill arrives. The add-on also enables customers to review the billing party and other information and provide feedback to the agent. Access to http://track.gac.com is available upon request.

An agent’s app
In parallel, GAC has launched a mobile app for its ship agents so they can access and update jobs in real time through their smart phones and tablets. The app provides the status of a job at a glance so that GAC ship agents can share relevant details on-the-go with their customers. The app is also used to access and share information with customers on crew changes and spares deliveries. 

“Increasingly, mobile devices are the tool of choice for business professionals who want to keep up-to-the-minute with the status of their operations whilst on the move,” says GAC Group Vice President – Commercial, Christer Sjödoff. “That’s why GAC is committed to providing such tools in user-friendly form to add even more value to the service we provide.”