GAC says 'thank you seafarers!'

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    25 June 2014



On the IMO 'Day of the Seafarer', GAC pays tribute to seafarers around the globe

WORLDWIDE, 25 June 2014: The numbers are staggering.  Around 90% of world trade is carried by the international shipping industry and handled by ports around the world.   In excess of 9 billion tonnes of products and commodities are transported every year on a global fleet of over 50,000 ships trading internationally, registered in more than 150 nations and manned by over one million seafarers of virtually every nationality.  

However, numbers alone don’t do justice to the extent to which the world relies on its seafarers.  As the saying goes, without shipping, half the world would starve and the other half would freeze.  Without seafarers, there would be no shipping.  Without seafarers, we would not have the food, fuel, raw materials and products that we all rely upon to sustain our way of life.

What is more, seafarers perform this role with outstanding dedication, professionalism and skill.  It is not just a question of moving a cargo from its port of origin to its destination, but doing so in a way that protects the world’s coastal communities, the marine environment and other vessels from the inherent risks involved, every time, on every voyage.

Here at GAC, we know a thing or two about the contribution made by the world’s seafarers, both through the remarkable job done by the seafarers that serve on our own fleet of barges, supply ships, crew launches, work boats and tugs, and through the support and assistance that we provide to seafarers and vessels every day. 

We help to protect seafarers from piracy and sea crime through our maritime security services.  We equip seafarers with the vital skills that they need through our maritime training solutions, delivered in partnership with the National Maritime College of Ireland.  We deliver state-of-the-art weather services to provide seafarers with the data they need to plot the safest and most efficient route.  We meet the needs of vessels and crew around the world through our ship agency and our ship supply network.   And we help seafarers to travel to and from their ships in safety and comfort through our husbandry services.

The International Maritime Organisation has designated today, 25 June, as the ‘Day of the Seafarer’.  Of course, the wide-ranging efforts to ensure that every one of the world’s seafarers enjoys the standards of safety, welfare and support that they are entitled to expect does not begin or end today.  However, we can take an important step forward by taking the opportunity today to shine a spotlight on the unstinting work of seafarers, the tough conditions they often face and the pivotal role they play in supporting the global economy.  To show that their immense contribution is not overlooked.  To show our appreciation and to say thank you.

There are lots of other ways for you to take part, including posting messages of support on Twitter and Facebook, using the hashtag #thankyouseafarers.  You can also write your own message on the IMO’s ‘virtual wall’ at http://dayoftheseafarer2014.imo.org by completing the sentence ‘Seafarers brought me…’ with one thing that you couldn’t live without.