GAC saves the day for Hong Kong sailor with high speed delivery of giant mast

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    29 May 2013



Precision and care key to handling vital yacht part

Hong Kong – When the mast on prominent Hong Kong businessman and sailing enthusiast Sam Chan’s yacht Ffreefire broke recently, he turned to GAC Pindar to speed a replacement from Europe.

Within just two weeks, the integrated specialist services provider for the marine leisure sector had made all the arrangements and trucked the 24-metre long replacement mast weighing 700kg from Valencia, Spain to Luxembourg, where it was flown to Hong Kong. Despite the mast’s bulk, GAC Pindar’s Operations Coordinator, Maritza Lopez says it required delicate handling with a high level of precision: “Jobs of such nature usually require meticulous planning and preparation. In this case, due to the urgency of the job, there was little turnaround time, but that did not stop our experienced team from delivering the mast on time.”

Sam Chan’s boat captain, Russ Parker, explains why GAC Pindar was chosen for the job: “We turned to GAC Pindar, the official logistics provider of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club. GAC Pindar has an in-depth knowledge of racing team requirements, and understands the intricacy and urgency needed to make things happen. We are very pleased with a job well done and us now having the opportunity to get back on the race course!"

Once it arrived in Hong Kong, GAC’s local team took over and delivered it to the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club. GAC Hong Kong’s Managing Director Alwyn Mendonca says: “By combining GAC Pindar’s yachting sector expertise with our local know-how and logistics experience and competence, we can provide the best of both worlds and we’re confident of handling more jobs like this in the future.”