GAC Brazil’s 10th branch office opens in Paranagua

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    18 October 2017



São Paulo, Brazil – Just two months after opening its northernmost office in São Luis, GAC Brazil has extended its reach southwards with the opening of a branch in Paranagua, its first venture into the south of the country.

It is GAC’s tenth office in the country, opened in response to growing demand for professional shipping services from the liquid cargo sector.

Giovanni Targa, GAC’s Operations Supervisor in Paranagua, says: “In the past few years, the port has received a considerable amount of investment in infrastructure to accommodate the steady demand of liquid cargo such as chemicals, petroleum derivatives, ethanol and biofuels, which has doubled in volume year on year.”

It is the latest development in GAC Brazil expansion. The company provides shipping and logistics services from its headquarters in São Paulo and nine branch offices nationwide.

“By quickly growing our geographic footprint in Brazil, GAC has proven itself able to adapt to meet the needs of our customers. Our strategic growth to the north in São Luis and now, the south in Paranagua, allows GAC to engage with customers on a broader scale, further demonstrating our commitment in South America and this industry,” says Lars Heisselberg, Group Vice President – Americas.


(Photo credit: André Kasczeszen/APPA)