Take 2' / 26 Jun 2022

What makes a great place to work?

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GAC Qatar has been recognised as one of Qatar’s best workplaces by Great Place to Work®, the global authority on high-trust, high-performance workplace cultures, after a thorough and independent survey analysis.

We asked HR & Administration Manager Hristina Georgieva, MD Henrik Althen and some of their colleagues to tell us what they think makes a company stand out for its staff.

  • Hristina
    A great workplace is somewhere I enjoy getting ready to come to in the morning. I know I will always be greeted with smiles in the office. When I have the time, I can stop for a quick chat and always have an opportunity to help someone out – even if that means simply being there to listen.
    "It is an environment that inspires you to challenge yourself to do your best because you see the actual results of your efforts. From customer satisfaction, successful projects and new business opportunities to cross-department collaboration, breaking down silos and peer-to-peer recognition. We openly share all success stories through our staff gatherings, team meetings, and email communication as recognition and to inspire everyone.
    "For instance, departments are encouraged to work on Change Projects involving a contribution from the whole team for the company to find ways to work smarter, innovate, and meet the modern demands of our business. Giving such opportunities to be part of positive change – where one undergoes training, mentoring, support with resources and recognition along the way is one of the reasons individuals would want to do their best and feel proud of themselves.
    "And of course, a great workplace will always have occasions to celebrate achievements and make you feel exceptionally proud of being part of the team – regardless of whether that achievement came from your team, the department, or the whole company."
  • Henrik
    We have done our best to create a workplace where staff feel secure, included, and want to belong. We do this by giving close and thoughtful attention, personalising recognitions, relating stories about values and successes, and celebrating together through company events / gatherings, so our communication links to motivating everyone.
    "It’s about trust and transparency aligned with openness about problems and successes across the whole community.
    "A great workplace is a two-way street – it is as much about what its staff can do for the company as it is about what the company does for them."
  • Stevens (QHSSE)
    "The response I usually get from the staff through Training Evaluation forms is motivating and inspiring, with a satisfaction rate over 90%.
    There are so many challenges that our personnel encounter when completing Corrective-Preventive Action Reports, being able to help them gives me a sense of belonging and satisfaction."
  • Asanka (Liner)
    "I feel proud to work for a company with such a great reputation and work culture, which gives you the opportunity to work with colleagues with different skills and expertise. The trust and support of the company's Management is truly empowering."
  • Rupa (Finance)
    I feel proud to be a part of the GAC family. At GAC Qatar, everyone knows you. Not only your own team but colleagues from other departments. Everyone calls each other by their name, which makes us feel like we are one.

"At the peak of the pandemic, when most of us were working from home, GAC Qatar was always there to take care of our mental health."

  • "That is especially welcome when we are away from our families - other companies ignore such issues, but we were made to feel free to communicate with the HR team. Even our managers stood behind us, listened to our health issues, and helped by arranging sessions for relaxation.
    "I have never seen any organisation taking so much care of its employees."
  • Monicah (HRA)
    I feel I make a difference here because of my influence on both my colleagues and clients. I believe everyone is supposed to get the same level of service, and with continuous support from my managers and superiors, I can deliver that without pressure.
    "I am inspired and motivated to grow by success stories I hear from colleagues who started in junior positions and are now handling complex tasks and responsibilities at a managerial level.
    "Weekly HRA meetings are held to address issues and track progress, which keeps Management aware of where additional support might be needed. That is something unique about GAC, and something that makes me proud to be part of the company."

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