Feature / 30 Oct 2022

Sustainable P&I coverage

In late September, GAC representatives joined delegates at the International Group of P&I Clubs 2022 Correspondence Conference (IGCC) at London’s Queen Elizabeth II Centre.

The event was the first such gathering since the International Group’s conference in 2019, hosted in Singapore.

For GAC, it was an opportunity for our network of leading protection and indemnity (P&I) insurance experts to converge for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic.

“To be able to connect directly with our peers again, from across the marine insurance community, was a fantastic experience,” says Maja Linkinoska, GAC’s P&I Regional Manager for the Middle East.

“The International Group of P&I Clubs is a testament to the effectiveness of collaborating to tackle complex insurance issues, from oil spills to seafarer safety. Efforts like this are in the best interest of the shipping industry and the conference clearly demonstrated that.”

GAC offers P&I and hull and machinery (H&M) insurance claims management and incident response services from about 20 locations worldwide, and representatives from India, Sri Lanka and the United Arab Emirates were present in London.

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Debbie Jones, GAC Sri Lanka’s P&I Correspondent Manager; Maja Linkinoska, P&I Regional Manager for the Middle East; Reena Dsouza, GAC India’s General Manager – P&I; and Bijit Borthakur, Assistant Manager – P&I at GAC Dubai at the International Group of P&I Clubs 2022 Correspondence Conference in London.

GAC works with all 13 International Group’s Club Members and has become a crucial cog in the marine insurance industry machine. Every year, GAC offices worldwide handle more than 3,000 P&I claims and more than 2,500 medical assistance cases.

Sustainability matters
The focus of this year’s conference centred around the efforts the marine insurance industry can make to expand sustainability in global shipping. Discussions focused on the human side, such as minimising risk to lives and working with Club members and charities to promote seafarer mental health, as well as building strong networks to optimise incident response and management.

Ahead of the event, the International Group published its first-ever sustainability report, highlighting the increasing responsibility of the marine insurance industry in promoting climate-friendly commercial activity.

“Sustainability continues to be a hot topic for the maritime industry, and its presence at this year’s IGCC event was a clear indication that we have much more to do if the shipping industry is to achieve its decarbonisation goals,” says Reena Dsouza, GAC India’s General Manager – P&I.

For GAC, this means aligning with the International Group and its Club Member on several of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This includes a commitment to cleaner energy and the development of decarbonisation technologies, protecting and preserving our marine ecosystem and working with local and regional authorities to promote carbon-neutral outcomes.

“GAC’s P&I and H&M services as Club correspondents for all our customers have the UN’s SDGs in mind,” adds Reena. “We continue to work closely with all our partners, from local governments to major international marine insurance bodies, to ensure that sustainability is a crucial aspect of the shipping industry.”

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