News / 09 Oct 2022

Supporting trans-Atlantic challenge to raise sustainability awareness

Arabian Ocean Rowing Team prepares for unaided 5,000 km voyage

A grand adventure begins with a single step - and support from GAC.

As the intrepid Arabian Ocean Rowing Team trio of endurance athletes and adventurers prepare to row unaided across the world’s second biggest ocean, their boat is on its way from Dubai to the Canary Isles where they will begin the epic voyage in December. And for the first step of that journey, GAC loaded her safely and securely into the ocean container.

UAE residents Toby Gregory, Raimundo Tamaguini and James Raley have been training for their adventure for 14 months, including sea trials in the Arabian Gulf over the past six months. Their goal is to row the 5,000km from La Gomera to Antigua in about 50 days, completely unaided and fully sustainably thanks to onboard solar panels and desalination equipment, and to raise awareness about environmental sustainability, clean energy and combatting plastic pollution.

It’s a feat few have achieved – more people have travelled to space. The team will row in two-hour shifts around the clock and conduct experiments devised by scientists and students in the UAE who are part of the ‘Be Part Of It’ programme.

To reinforce their sustainability message, the team are working in partnership with the UN’s Clean Seas campaign.

It's a message close to GAC’s heart, as the Group has made a commitment to UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) including SDG 14 - Life Below Water and SDG17 Partnership for the Goals.

"It is fantastic to have a global player like GAC on our side. Their resources, expertise and corporate commitment to the sustainability cause provide us with both the practical and moral support that will be crucial to our success.”"

Toby Gregory

Arabian Ocean Rowing Team Founder and Project Director

We will be following the Arabian Ocean Rowing Team as they embark on their voyage. You can too, on Facebook and Instagram.

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