Editorial / 11 Jun 2023

Supporting Brazil’s tanker market

Despite the global push towards renewable energy, the oil and gas trade is not going away as worldwide consumption and demand remain strong. In Brazil, GAC’s extensive knowledge of the tanker market puts it in an ideal position to support major oil companies, traders and industrialist groups in keeping the global oil trade moving.

A recent report from the International Energy Agency highlighted that global demand for oil and petroleum-based products will reach a record high of 101.9 billion barrels per day this year. The lion’s share of this will be held by non-OECD countries.

Like many countries around the world, Brazil has ambitions to transition its energy sector away from fossil fuels. The 2050 National Energy Plan (NEP 2050) issued by the Ministry of Mines and Energy in late 2020 spelled out long-term strategies for the country’s energy sector. Incentives are in place to use energy resources more efficiently and to reduce the use of carbon-intensive fuels. However, challenges remain, including the effective use of the country’s renewable resources and integrating new capabilities to reduce carbon intensity in the economy.

Continuing demand
Meanwhile, demand for oil continues unabated as global energy consumption increases. And with that demand comes a growing need for tankers to transport it.

In 2021, Brazil exported US$30.7B in crude petroleum, making it the world’s 10th largest exporter. That same year, crude was the country’s 3rd most exported product.

The main destinations were China (US$14.2B), United States (US $3.1B), India (US $2.23B), Chile (US $1.98B), and Portugal (US $1.66B).

Tanker ships need to be handled with special expertise under local laws and the attention of port state control inspectors. GAC Brazil supports the petroleum trade with its leading shipping services at ports throughout the country and in-depth critical understanding of the region’s oil and gas sector.

“GAC is the leading provider of crude oil export clearance services in Brazil,” says Rodrigo Kill, GAC Brazil’s Shipping Manager. “From the vessel’s nomination to the final cargo export process, we draw on our extensive knowledge and a wide-reaching network to support the country’s oil and gas sector and facilitate all manner of oil lifting operations.”

Rodrigo Kill 2

Smoothing global trade
GAC’s global presence provides an added advantage in facilitating vessel and cargo clearance, making port calls smoother and keeping vessel turnaround times minimal.

“With GAC acting as ship agent at both ends of a transaction, we can provide a comprehensive and efficient service that synergises end-to-end issuance of cargo documents and makes port calls as smooth and efficient as possible,” adds Rodrigo. “All certificates are checked for validity according to local requirements – a simple but effective measure that helps streamline the process and reduce vessel clearance delays.”

Bunker fuels
The growth in the global fleet, particularly in the tanker trade, has a knock-on effect on the bunker fuel market. The majority of today’s vessels run on heavy fuel oil (HFO), a byproduct of petroleum, and with Brazil having close access to plentiful supplies of traditional bunker fuels, GAC is strongly positioned to offer reliable and cost-effective bunker supplies.

“The provision of alternative bunker suppliers is essential to ensure that our customers have continual access to supplies, given the ever-changing port rotations, is crucial for the seamless operation of their vessels - especially those engaged in the oil & gas industry,” says Rodrigo. “We are therefore pleased that we can provide our customers in Brazil with an alternative and enabling us to coordinate hassle-free bunker calls.”

Added value
GAC Ship Supply , a subsidiary of GAC Brazil, also offers ship chandlery and procurement services in Brazil while GAC Services Transportes provides crew ,cargo transportation and warehousing services for its clients.

The company also provides a full range of high-quality and cost-effective services, including ship provisions; engine, cabin, deck stores and other spare parts; safety equipment; charts and publications; cleaning supplies and much more.

“Short lead times are inevitable, so by offering industry-leading ship chandlering services, combined with a dedicated transport setup for crew and cargo movements, warehousing and in-house clearance arm, we help keep our customers on track and maintain our high standards throughout,” adds Rodrigo.

“Increasingly, we are being called upon to go above and beyond to fulfill all manner of ship agency services. But this is the GAC way, and we always ensure we meet the needs of our customers.”

Filling the gaps
Although the world is on the road to decarbonisation, petroleum is still needed up to fill the gaps as renewable technology becomes more commercialised and efficient. The oil and gas trade remains strong and it is vital to keep supply flowing. GAC has the expertise, experience and resources to ensure that the needs of tankers, their cargo and crew are all taken care of, both in and out of port.

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