Editorial / 25 Dec 2022

Staying one step ahead

The past 12 months have been marked by a range of global disruptions and challenges. No business has been immune to the impact of a range of circumstances from supply chain issues to inflationary pressures.

Throughout 2022, GAC has remained a steady hand for our customers, large or small, and stayed one step ahead as we continue to work towards our long-term goals. In the grand tradition of GAC, we have played a long game, knowing that the decisions we make today will define our activities in the future.

Sustainability remained high on the global agenda in 2022. And GAC has played an active role in working towards a non-destructive and long-term sustainable future for business, people and planet.

Like so many in the global shipping and logistics sector, GAC is taking steps to decarbonise and reach carbon neutrality by 2050. With that date now 12 months closer, our offices around the world have made reducing their carbon footprint, becoming more sustainable and promoting renewable energy in their day-to-day activities a top priority.

In 2022, GAC Norway was awarded Eco-Lighthouse certification for its efforts to align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, while the office also joined the country’s HyValue initiative to drive the development of hydrogen as an alternative fuel for maritime.

GAC Norway Eco Lighthouse certificate IMG 5533

Meanwhile, GAC Singapore can now proudly display the LowCarbonSG logo following its successful efforts to measure and reduce its carbon footprint. And in Taiwan and the United Kingdom, GAC companies continue to make headways in supporting offshore wind infrastructure projects.

Offices in the Middle East have also taken a lead. Our facilities across the Gulf are embracing solar panels and renewable electricity sources, with GAC Bahrain and GAC Dubai adapting their warehouse facilities to run off solar panels, while our newly launched warehouse in Qatar has been built with sustainability at its core.

GAC Bunker Fuels hit an important milestone in its target of being net carbon zero and achieving zero oil-based bunker sales by 2030 with the verification of its Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions calculator by Bureau Veritas UK. This is an important step, not just for GAC Bunker Fuels, as a leading provider of fuels for vessels, but for the wider shipping industry.

Bunker fuel supply operation

Amid all of the challenges of 2022, GAC has continued to adapt and grow to ensure our customers receive the same level of high-quality services they have come to expect from us.

We opened new offices in Spain, Sweden, Taiwan and the United States, as well as expanding our facilities worldwide, particularly in the Middle East.

On 1 January, Pontus Fredriksson will take over as GAC’s new Group President.

With Pontus’s expertise in commercial activities and leadership acumen, GAC will continue to aim high in all of our activities as we head into 2023, with sustainability at the forefront.

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