Feature / 04 Sep 2022

Spotlight on ‘Yevin’

She’s big, strong and beautiful - and she’s boosting GAC Sri Lanka’s range of maritime services

There’s a new addition to GAC Sri Lanka’s fleet of support vessels – and the Anchor Handling Tug ‘Yevin’ is its most powerful and advanced tug so far.

The 52-metre craft became the 13th member of the fleet after serving previously as an offshore supply vessel in Malaysia.

Yes she can...

Here are some of the Yevin’s specs. She can:

  • Accommodate up to 28 persons on board,
  • Provide ample deck space for cargo,
  • Operate in rough weather conditions in open waters or within port limits,
  • Generate a bollard pull capacity of 64 tonnes, and
  • Operate for more than 45 days at sea without a port call.

Extra capabilities
General Manager for Chartering and Tug Operations, Mohan Rodrigo, says those extra capabilities enable GAC Sri Lanka to offer a wider range of maritime services, including towage and anchor-handling assistance, firefighting and emergency response.

Yevin Ops 8 edit

“She has boosted our ability to provide reliable boat operator and tug services, both along Sri Lanka’s coastline and in international waters,” he says.

“GAC Sri Lanka’s fleet of tugs, crew and supply boats is the largest in the country,” he adds. “And now, we’re exploring the options to make that fleet bigger and more powerful, and we’re already looking forward to some very interesting jobs coming up in the near future.”

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