News / 02 Jul 2023

Pulling all the strings to deliver puppet exhibition

Singapore was treated to a cultural experience with a difference when the ‘Sang: A Journey to Return Home’ installation went on display – and it was GAC that handled its unique exhibits.

The spectacle of larger-than-life puppets, stilt houses and miniature puppets created from materials like papier-mache, wood and rattan were on display for four months at Singapore Esplanade.

Staged by the Indonesia’s Papermoon Puppet Theatre’s, ‘Sang: A Journey to Return Home’ explored the bonds humans have with each other and nature, inspired by communities that make the river their homes and celebrating the life-giving energy of those relationships. The work traced Sang’s encounter with the giant guardian Kali, who takes the form of an enormous puppet standing about 2 metres tall. Sang’s journey is an allegory for the desire to protect and preserve the bonds that truly matter. The installation reflected on the impact of urbanisation and modern life on natural environments while urging for the rekindling of relationships with others and nature.

Founded in 2006, Papermoon Puppet Theatre works with a collective of puppeteers to bring their visions and theatrical productions to life. The company has created more than 30 puppet performances, visual art installations and exhibitions which have been presented in several countries, including Japan, the United States and Australia.

Handled with care
To bring the story of Sang’s journey to Singapore, GAC’s Projects & Events Logistics team arranged multiple trips by truck along bumpy forest roads to collect the delicate exhibits in crates from the artist’s base in a remote location about 600km from Jakarta, obtaining a temporary import permit, airfreight and delivery to the venue in a full door-to-venue service package.

SG Exhibition Puppet Installation
Enormous puppet standing at about 2 metres tall

Special challenges
Jorgen Nielsen, GAC Singapore’s General Manager – Logistics says: “This was another great job from our team which delivers many projects every year, some of which present special challenges. Whether it’s handling non-standard objects or vast scale of the cargo, we have the resources and experience to help move it.”

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