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Planting hope in Sri Lanka

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GAC Sri Lanka is playing its part in restoring the country’s mangrove forests.

The company is working with local environmental organisations, government agencies, and community groups to pool resources, knowledge, and expertise to implement sustainable conservation measures.

The project aims to address the critical decline of mangroves, which play a key role as the rainforests of the sea, preserving coastal biodiversity, mitigating climate change by capturing carbon, and acting as natural buffers against storm surges and coastal erosion.

Conservation collaboration
The collaborators have a strategic plan for the mangroves, including planting thousands of mangrove seedlings at the Kiralakele sanctuary in Matara at the southern tip of the island.

This sanctuary plays a crucial role in flood control and water quality while providing significant habitats for amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals, all of which are uniquely adapted to aquatic environments.

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“Giving back to the community and the environment has always been close to my heart, and as Head of Corporate Social Responsibility for McLarens (GAC’s partner in Sri Lanka), I take a personal interest in getting involved and driving projects of this nature. Mangroves remove carbon from the atmosphere and help preserve the marine habitats resulting in an uptick in fish stocks in the area, which supports local fishing communities. It is exciting to be a part of on-going projects to preserve our marine environments for generations to come.”
- Navin Perera (Director – Logistics & NVOCC)

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“Globally, GAC has committed to achieving Net-Zero emissions by 2050 and to acting in accordance with several UN mandated sustainable development goals. Projects like this show our continuous commitment to the environment while also helping local communities.”
– Thamara Meneripitiya (Manager – Quality Assurance and HSSE)

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“The protection of our marine environment is a non-negotiable for an island nation like Sri Lanka. In my role as General Manager for P&I I have seen the damage that human activity can do to marine life, and I am extremely keen to do my part to support initiatives like this to resolve this crisis.”
– Debbie Jones (General Manager – P&I/Medical Assistance)

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GAC Sri Lanka will monitor and evaluate its impact, ensuring that the preservation and restoration of mangrove ecosystems are sustainable endeavours, benefiting both nature and society.

Learn more about GAC Sri Lanka’s commitment to sustainability here.

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