News / 07 May 2023

One Ocean Expedition completes global voyage with GAC as partner

Worldwide support on three continents

After 20 months at sea, the Statsraad Lehmkuhl tall-sailed training vessel is back in her home port after circumnavigating the globe with support from GAC in 24 countries.

The 1,516 ton three-masted barque rigged with 22 sails is owned and operated by the Statsraad Lehmkuhl Foundation. She set off on her One Ocean Expedition (OOE) in August 2021 and returned to Bergen, Norway, in April this year.

Planning and challenges
GAC Norway’s Ole Fredrik Torpe worked with the foundation for four years planning the OOE and is looking forward to continuing the partnership for future expeditions.

He says: “It took careful coordination with GAC offices around the world to ensure all the needs of the ship were met – from ship agency and husbandry to logistics, hospitality and publicity.”

Haakon Vatle, CEO of the Statsraad Lehmkuhl’s One Ocean Expedition, says the voyage encountered some challenges, not least those connected with COVID-19: “The expedition had a real ‘first voyage’ feeling as many of the harbours we visited had been closed for some time due to the pandemic.

“But we really benefitted from having one agent and dedicated partner in GAC with its global network and local expertise. We would like to thank all involved in planning and addressing the unforeseen challenges and changes which we faced at the last minute.”

Ocean ambassador
Throughout its voyage, the ship was an ambassador for the UN Ocean Decade, highlighting the threat to the world’s oceans and the need to take action to protect them.

“We have already started planning our next adventure with a new One Ocean Expedition, with the aim of being an even stronger ambassador for the UN Ocean Decade,” says Haakon. “We hope that our partnership with GAC extends to the next voyage so that we can gather more science and spread more knowledge to the world about the importance of the ocean for a sustainable future with a global perspective.”

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