News / 13 Mar 2022

Hands on for green shoots

Kelly Rump and Jonathan Puentes got their hands dirty to underlined GAC Bunker Fuels’ commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

They joined ten other colleagues in a kayak expedition combined with mangrove planting at a nearby nature reserve.

The Ajman Al Zorah nature reserve, with its mangrove forest is considered a Wetland of Global Importance. It is a haven for wildlife, including 60 species of migratory birds like pink flamingos, egrets and herons, as well as plenty of crabs, clams, snails and roving fish populations.

The mangroves play a key role by providing essential habitat for thousands of species and stabilising shorelines and preventing erosion. When planted with access to sea water, mangroves are a better source of carbon capture than trees planted in soil. All this while naturally oxygenating the sea water and lowering the air temperature.

Mangrove planting

Planting promise
The GAC Bunker Fuels crew worked with Quest for Adventure, a local adventure activity company who manage the Al Zorah Nature Reserve. Quest for Adventure aims to plant 50,000 mangrove trees in the UAE to mark the 50th anniversary of the country’s statehood, and contribute to the national goal of 100 million mangroves planted by 2030.

“It was a great way to spend time together, start the process of offsetting our Scope 2 carbon emissions for 2021, and raise awareness within the team of our commitment to zero oil-based bunker sales by January 2030,” says Kelly, who is the company’s Head of Sustainability. “Aligning with the UN SDGs gives us a clarity of purpose, and we have chosen SDG 14, life below water, as our main area of focus for our corporate social responsibility activities.

“Our visit was the first step in offsetting our Scope 2 carbon emissions for 2021, and we’re looking for further ‘blue carbon’ projects we can participate in worldwide.”

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