GAC VOICES / 25 Feb 2024

Eye on the future: Smart operations to meet growing demand

“There have been big changes to the way supply chains are managed since I started working in the industry over 25 years ago.

"Automation and custom-made software have made what was once a labour-intensive and manual business much more efficient to meet growing demand. At the same time rising concerns for health and safety have – quite rightly - brought in a plethora of regulations governing the way things are done.

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But there are still challenges – there always have been, and always will be, in the complex world of supply chains.

“Logistics providers must be flexible in providing cost-effective, smooth and reliable logistics, tailored to the needs of their customers, no matter the challenge. That level of customised service can make the difference between success and failure.

“Digital infrastructure and modern cyber-security controls will make the supply chain more reliable. It is crucial to adopt the right technology and capture key data and insights to help customers make smart decisions and offer continuous improvement throughout the supply chain.

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“Quick and effective decision-making for your customers is vital for modern logistics services providers. Having people and expertise permeate throughout your business, from management to warehousing experts, that are able to make informed decisions on behalf of customers will take supply chains to the next level.”

Gaurika Gurugamage is GAC North America – Logistics’ Operations Manager, overseeing a wide range of logistics services for multiple business sectors, providing integrated services from PO management to the final point of delivery.

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