GAC VOICES / 07 Jan 2024

Eye on the future: Identify strengths to adapt to change

by Andy Cheng - Projects & Chartering Manager, GAC Malaysia

“I’ve worked through much revolutionary changes since I started in the project management field. In the past, it was old-fashioned physical hard work. Now, it’s all about automation and technology with online workshops/tutoring, digital apps/software, artificial intelligence of machines or software and much more.

“The Internet and advance of technology have made our business increasingly borderless. We now communicate and conduct meetings virtually without the usual in person in the same room.

Person using ai tool job

“We can expect to see more AI automation, more online dependency and at the same time, more redundancy. Education is key and we need to identify our strengths and re-engineer our skills to ride with the change.

Both we, and the tools we use, will continue to evolve. We should keep abreast with technology in learning to stay relevant.

“Our sources of energy have evolved from steam, mineral oil and nuclear to now opting towards renewable sources like solar and wind, but more needs to be done to save the earth. We can start by practicing what we preach and instilling conservation mindsets globally.”

Andy Cheng is GAC Malaysia’s Projects & Chartering Manager, managing the company’s projects and chartering desk, overseeing operations and providing commercial support for GAC’s project shipping & logistics business.

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