GAC VOICES / 15 Oct 2023

Eye on the future: Evolution key to the future of energy

“Since I began working offshore the demand for seismic exploration has seen significant highs and lows that mirrored the oil price at the time. These highs and lows are far less pronounced today as the energy landscape continues to evolve. We see many of the energy majors investing in renewable energy and in some cases rebranding completely. However, this is not to say that seismic is dead, far from it. It will remain an integral part of identifying valuable energy resources and will continue to be part of the complete global energy solution that is a combination of renewable and nonrenewable energy sources.

Kevin Green Business Development Manager Energy Projects Europe

“Greater investment will be ploughed into more sustainably sourced power, with offshore wind dominating for the time being. However, other sources such as offshore solar panels and wave/tidal energy will play a part, and I would not be surprised to see other ingenious ways of creating sustainable energy in the future.

No matter what the means of producing renewable energy, there will be a need for specialised logistics and project support.

“Along with the development of new technology, offshore wind (especially floating farms) will start to enter new territory in South America and even Africa, just as oil exploration went to new frontiers and into deeper waters. Of course, this will not happen overnight, but when the time comes GAC, with its global footprint and know-how, will be on-hand to provide valuable support.

“Evolution is critical to success. Service providers like GAC must evolve with the changing offshore market. While the general principles of supporting an offshore project may not change, there are subtle differences between supporting drilling compared to an offshore wind farm campaign. We must stay on top of those changes, and ensure our staff have the training and experience to understand and meet the needs of such projects.”

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Kevin Green is GAC’s Regional Business Development Manager, Energy Projects - Europe. He works with GAC’s shipping, logistics and marine teams to help meet the changing needs of energy customers throughout Europe. From seismic surveys to offshore windfarm installation, you can count on GAC’s technical expertise, global network and experience covering the entire energy spectrum.

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