News / 03 Apr 2022

Doubling up paternity leave

Pledge to boost gender equality

New fathers at GAC Singapore will enjoy four weeks of paternity leave from this year, as the company has committed to double up on statutory benefits as part of a campaign to encourage greater gender equality at home as well as the workplace.

It is one of 25 companies to commit to the Swedish Chamber of Commerce pledge initially launched in December, which has received an outpouring of support and will give almost 5,000 employees in Singapore better paternity leave benefits.

GAC is among 25 companies in Singapore that have committed to the Swedish Chamber of Commerce pledge to double-up paternity leave.

Most companies to take the pledge are from traditionally male-dominated industries where, in the past, it has been unusual for Singapore-based fathers to take the two-week government-sponsored paternity leave. But that is starting to change, reflecting a growing trend in Singapore’s business community in support of gender equality.

Sofie Bager, GAC Singapore’s Managing Director, says: “Most fathers want to use their paternity leave to be more involved and take a more active role in caring for their newborn. This is one of our initiatives to support employees to achieve that objective and have work-life effectiveness.

“It is also in line with our corporate culture, the GAC Spirit which recognises that the lives of employees extend beyond their jobs, and our Sustainability Roadmap related to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals of Gender Equality (SDG5) and Good Health & Wellbeing (SDG3).”

GAC Singapore joins other pledgers in calling on other firms to join them in taking paternity leave seriously and encouraging men to take an active role in caregiving roles, giving women can enjoy a more equal footing in the workplace.

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