News / 20 Nov 2022

Deep Sea Survey to open up Caribbean hydrocarbon potential

Work is underway on the first electromagnetic survey to be carried out in Trinidad & Tobago, as part of the Calypso project to develop the country’s deep-water resources.

Norwegian-based Electromagnetic Geoservices (EMGS) is conducting the survey to gather more information about Trinidad & Tobago's first significant seabed hydrocarbon discovery. The project is expected to last until the end of December and include surveys at a depth of 2,200 metres over an area of at least 1,600km².

GAC is supporting EMGS’s survey vessel ‘Atlantic Guardian’ with a range of tailored services. With a significant presence in the Caribbean region covering Trinidad, Guyana and Suriname, GAC offers expert shipping, logistics and marine services supported by the global network and resources of the GAC Group.

GAC Trinidad Project Team EMGS
Project Executive Steffannie Rawlins and Operations Manager Delicia Villaroel

GAC Trinidad & Tobago’s Operations Manager Delicia Villaroel and Project Executive Steffannie Rawlins have worked closely with EMGS to provide crew change, husbandry, ship supply and work permit services.

"We have more than a decade of experience, and our staff constantly develop their knowledge and skills through professional training, including courses provided by the GAC Corporate Academy. And in line with the global GAC ethos, our business practices are transparent and ethical.

“To meet all time and budget requirements, we approach every project with dedication and commitment, and a good dose of passion," says Ravindu Rodrigo, GAC Trinidad & Tobago’s Managing Director.

New opportunities
As part of the Calypso project, the Ministry of Energy has opened up additional deep-water blocks, creating huge potential for existing block players and attracting new operators to line up exploring opportunities for 2023/2024. Existing investors include international companies such as BP, Shell, EOG and Woodside Energy.

With the new opportunities for deep water exploration on the horizon, further investment is expected in the coming two years. It is an operational landscape which presents opportunities for expansion for additional deep water and seismic projects which will ultimately lead to commercial opportunities for gas, LNG and other associated products.

Trinidad & Tobago has the manpower, skill, resources, suppliers and infrastructure to support its growing Energy sector. With up to six deep draft ports, it can facilitate a cost-effective and convenient project cycle.

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