News / 07 Aug 2022

Big challenge? No problem

It was a first for GAC Philippines and the biggest heavy-lift movement it had ever handled.

GAC experts in Manila were taking care of two newly-purchased rigs, weighing a combined gross weight 21,358 tonnes and the Heavy Lift Vessel that would dry-tow them all the way to Bahrain.

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That involved providing a full gamut of ship and marine agency services, liaising with tugs and other suppliers, and arranging bunker fuels. Our team also assisted the rig workers with accommodation and transportation, purchase of equipment from ship chandlers and processing of all their documents.

Work started well in advance with GAC assembling the many parties involved to work out the best sail-out methodology. That included managing unexpected events such as bad weather and a foot of one of the rigs getting stuck to the seabed due to years of inactivity. Despite the setbacks, GAC and the other parties found solutions that brought the sail-out time and operation back on track. The rigs are now on their way to Bahrain.

“The operation was unprecedented given the size of both rigs, and it was also our first time handling two rigs at the same time,” says Mike Borja, GAC Philippines’ Operations Manager. “But thanks to our Shipping and Bulk & Projects teams, the job was completed successfully.”

[Photographs courtesy of Harbor Star Subic Corp.]

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