GAC VOICES / 30 Jun 2024

A fresh touch

Combining energy and experience

by Erica Gomez, General Manager, GAC Uruguay

Erica Gomez Feb24

When a taxi driver has been behind the wheel for many years, it’s easy to fall into the trap of believing they know all tricks of the roads, from congestion points to traffic movements to the best short cuts. And while their experience is valuable, it can lead to carelessness which can result in running a red light or even being involved in a major accident.

The same applies in the maritime world. Players that have been in shipping for many years, with people who have worked a certain way all their lives, have not adapted to major changes in the global supply chain. Their overconfidence can lead to mistakes or even neglect of their customers and staff without even realising it.

At GAC Uruguay, we make a concerted effort to guard against the complacence that can come from being part of an established global Group that is a leader in its field.

Legacy and energy
We are a relative new addition to the organisation which traces its roots back more than six decades, and we strive to draw on that strong legacy whilst applying the energy of a newcomer to everything we do.

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Based at the nation’s capital city and major port, Montevideo, and operating out of nine major ports and terminals, we offer a full range of shipping and logistics services to vessels seeking access the Latin American market, including places with no direct sea access, most notably the offshore oil and gas and product tanker sectors.

Since our establishment in January 2019, GAC Uruguay has built a reputation for excellence and professionalism as a reliable yet innovative shipping and logistics partner, made up of highly experienced maritime professionals working closely with colleagues that are newer to the industry, bringing a fresh vision and new ideas.

That collaboration between vision and experience is key to delivering the standards of service and dedication for which we are now known.

We constantly strive for excellence, efficiency and agility to adapt to the changing needs of our customers.

It’s personal
A big part of that is the personal touch – really listening to our customers to understand their needs.

Our boarding agents physically board the ships under our care for every operation to really listen to the Captain, oversee operations and monitor everything. They act as translators to facilitate communication between ships’ officers and representatives from the local authorities, and serve as intermediaries between the cargo representatives and the shipowners and crew.

It’s a level is service unmatched in Uruguay. Many agents in the region do not physically board ships, preferring to deal with them exclusively by email.

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At GAC Uruguay, we put a premium on face-to-face contact whilst offering full transparency, particularly regarding costs.

I believe this is one of the reasons that we have emerged as a leading agency in Uruguay and the wider region despite – or perhaps because of – our relative newcomer status. Many shipping and logistics service providers in Uruguay are very traditional, and it could be argued that that their old-fashioned way of working has not adapted to the changing dynamics of the industry we serve. By leveraging the capabilities of the wider Group and ensuring we put trust in our team, GAC Uruguay brings knowledge, expertise, experience and an eye on the future to the benefit of our customers.

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