Take 2' / 06 Feb 2022

6 ways to make inclusion flourish

by Ingela Berntson, Key Account Manager with GAC Sweden

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  1. Understand the diversity-inclusion connection. Bring together people with different backgrounds and ages where their ideas and outlooks will be heard and make the best of.
  2. Believe in the message you convey. Make it a cornerstone to live as you learn. Trust is the foundation. If you’re bluffing, your employees will see through it.
  3. Give everyone the same chance to be the best version of themselves. Get to know your employees and what their strengths are, and then give them the opportunity to perform their best.
  4. Train your group to train itself. The result will be responsible and focused employees with pride and drive.
  5. Be consistent. It creates a climate which makes staff comfortable and gives them the security to thrive.
  6. Build the foundation to include everyone, and let it grow instead of employees having to chase it.
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