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5 key things to know about the Port of Piraeus

By George P. Fragos, Shipping Operations Manager with GAC Greece

  • Piraeus is the biggest seaport in Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean. It’s an official member of Green Ports, having its Port Environmental Review System (PERS). It’s ISO14001 certified by Lloyd’s and B.V too.

  • During 2020, Piraeus Container Terminal (PCT) ranked 4th in Europe in terms of container traffic, handling about 5,5 million TEUs.

  • It is also one of Europe’s largest passenger ports, with about 20 million people disembarking annually. Its three cruise terminals are a short walk from the city of Piraeus.

  • Piraeus port anchorage is a sea node for ships passing to/from the Black and Mediterranean Seas to receive bunker fuels, arrange husbandry, deliver/takeover ships, protective agency services and more.

George Fragos PIC8 cropped square
George P. Fragos at Piraeus port.

Some of the best known and favourite local dishes like souvlaki, moussaka, Greek salad and tzatziki are among the many cheap and satisfying dining options available around the port. To drink, there is the famous Greek frappé coffee, or Ouzo which always goes down well with a selection of ‘mezes’ (small plates of traditional local specialities).

  • I recommend coffee and snacks from “Have a nice day” (79 Akti Miaouli Street), “Coffee Berry” (31 Akti Miaouli Street) and “Geysiplous” (38 Akti Poseidonos Street). Get your souvlaki from “Oraion” (19 Akti Miaouli Street), “Click Souvlaki” (2 D.Gounari Street), “O kyr-Giorgos” (8 Akti Poseidonos Street) or “O Fotis” (20 Loudovikou Street). And for meze haunts, we have “Margaro” (126 Hatzikyriakou Avenue), “Entelamezen” (17, Filelinon Street), “Refene” (30 Notara Street) and “Ikariaotiko Kafeneio” (24, Akti Poseidonos Street).
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